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Web Hosting and Web DesignMy name is Kasey McKnight and I've been designing websites for over 20+ years. My friends all call me a "geek" because even on weekends, I'm on the computer. I love my work!

One of the things I love best about designing webpages is learning about new businesses. Matching logos and color schemes, developing new design techniques, I get excited every time I get a new client because every website is different and my work is never boring.

I originally started out as a typesetter for a mom and pop print shop about 30+ years ago. I used a very old fashioned typesetting machine that was strictly code, there was no WYSIWYG editor and putting brochures and flyers together was done on a light table with film and an exacto knife. That was way long ago!

Then the PC revolution hit and I became interested in desktop publishing and produced materials for businesses from my home office in Grass Valley, CA while raising three kids on a single salary. Those were the beans and rice days.

I moved to Oroville, CA and was hired by a web design firm that started out very small and got big fast. We survived the dot com crash and I was made manager. This company is where I gained most of my web design experience.

I eventually moved to Chico, but recently moved to Orland. I still travel to Chico all the time!

I missed working from my home and decided once again to go it on my own. The result of that is what you see here. I love to be my own boss and call my own hours, although now I find myself working into the night, I still love it.

My hobbies (other than computers) are quilting, wire-wrap jewelry, crocheting, painting, sewing doggie coats, and taking care of 3 dogs and 2 cats - oh and don't forget Draco, the fish!

But most of all I am a computer nut and that's where you'll usually find me!

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